IE6 on Vista?

I find myself constantly fighting the microsoft battle of making things work in their browsers (thanks guys). On one of my machines I have Vista installed and needed to test a newly created site that apparently had some issues under Internet Explorer 6. HOWEVER, to my horror IE6 was unable to run on Vista. Once again, thanks Microsoft for making life difficult for everyone out there! After much grief, pain and agony with a million attempts to get it to run I stumbled upon a really great tool called IETester made by DebugBar.

Guillotine-Bug? Bug

Yes, it’s called a Guillotine-Bug and it’s yet another bug IE users get to look forward too 😛 So how does it work? Basically, the hasLayout messes around and elements become invisible and visible according to random things. Rather silly, but a bit of a bitch to initially figure out. So how do you fix it? Try this: in your css file add: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 * html .

Sending data from javascript to php

If you ever find yourself needing to do some ajax and in turn sending strings of characters via javascript then you should really try encodeURIComponent() to wrap your strings in. The function escape() can also be used, but I would not recommend it as encodeURIComponent() is better, it also escapes your usual ampersand ajax limiters which solved me quite a bit of pain.

What is Eb in firebug?

Gmail produces the following error/warning in firebug. Eb is not defined 1 function Bb(a){if(a[sb]&&a[sb](daa)){var�ents)};f.x2b=c;f.B2b=b;f.y2b=a;return f} I initially started seeing this while while on clients’ websites, but can now say it’s a gmail thing. So don’t stress.. 😉

Add TinyMCE code button

I had quite a few problems adding the htmlCode button to a fairly old copy of TinyMCE (I think around version 2.x). All is resolved now and this is what I had to change: Both changes are made in “editor_template.js” file, I also swopped the 2 files so that I could include and edit editor_template.js instead of the compressed “editor_template_src.js. Using the advanced theme I added the following line near the top of the file:

Need more than hover?

I had a hover effect on an html input element but also needed to have an active state. The css was like this for the inputs in mention: 1 2 3 .contactformdiv input:hover, .contactformdiv textarea:hover { background-color:#fff; } It was simple, I just added a focus… 1 2 3 .contactformdiv input:hover, .contactformdiv textarea:hover, .contactformdiv input:focus, .contactformdiv textarea:focus { background-color:#fff; }

Firefox too slow?

Is your Firefox starting to get realllllllly slow? Every few months my Firefox starts dragging, so all I do is create a new profile and reimport all my bookmarks and reinstall needed addons. For a rundown on how to create a new profile, click the following link..

Global variables and functions in Actionscript 2

In order to reuse a variable from a different timeline within the same fla file you will need to register the inital variable or function as a _global. Todo this as a variable: 1 _global.myString:String = "My String"; Todo this as a function: 1 _global.myFunction = function() {}

Actionscript conflicting class name

I had a problem today where I got a flash source file from one of my developers’ and I couldnt compile it because it said that there was a conflicting class name, however, it turned out to just be a timestamp issue. Read here for more information


What the hey? What does this mean? You may one day end up seeing the following error message produced by PHP and wonder to yourself: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in ///File.php on line 160 You guessed it, “T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM” is not english. It’s actually a Hebrew word meaning “unexpected” or “Twice Colon“. It happens when PHP tries to call the “::” (double colon) which is used when identifying an uninstantiated class’ method.