Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI these days, is when computers are able to perform tasks that humans would otherwise do.

While this is incredibly exciting for many, it can be absolutely terrifying for others. Specifically those in roles that AI tends to current target.

After all, losing your bread and butter to a computer just seems wrong, but the reality of it is that some roles are already being swapped out for the lesser emotional, more rapidly replicable being of the twenty first century.

What can’t bots do?

AI has been developing very rapidly, particularly over the past few years, however, it is important to note that it is still not that advanced and nowhere near the global domination takeover as seen in many feature films.

Bots are not good at self thinking. They require a high level of sophisticated conditional programming events to have been performed before the fact by the creator.

Bots are not good at expressing emotions or replicating true human behaviour, having biases and the likes.

What jobs are already being replaced?

Jobs that are based around very repititive tasks, such as data capturing, factory work or handling frequently asked questions on websites and applications are being handed off to bots that have been trained on those specific tasks.

What jobs can’t be replaced?

Currently, things to do with anything that is personalised or has any level of emotion or human type behaviour.

Obviously getting into bot creation could be a good one too, as that way you’ll always be safe!

Will this just get worse?

This will most definitely get worse as the AI industry grows and becomes more mature.

Along with this, a wider range of activities will be targetted and additional jobs will be focused on automating.

How long will it take?

This really is the unknown. While many say that it could take only a few months, I would say that it’s well into the multiples of years.

In Summary

At the end of the day, bots are really useful for repetitive tasks or processing groups of actions or events in order to complete larger tasks, but when an emotional level of care and understanding needs to be taken into account, it is impossible to program that into a non-living thing.

Featured Image Courtesy of MotherJones