I use Outlook for email and because of that I ended up using the Tasks feature which turns out to be pretty damn useful.

It is called the To-Do Bar and if you don’t immediately see it you can open it by clicking on View->To-Do Bar. Select “Normal” and make sure the “Task List” is checked in that list.

When a work email comes in that needs attending to, I usually Flag it by clicking the flag icon to the right of each email in my inbox.
This adds the email to the Task List allowing me to carry on looking at my other emails.
I am then able to mark off each one when I complete it.

It’s always a great feeling when you’ve had things sitting in there for a while and you click the last one as complete!

How sad that I’ve come to this – to getting happy about clicking a piece of plastic…. But I suppose we’re all as sad as each other, so that makes it alright.

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