If there’s only one thing that keeps website owners up at night, it’s thinking about the next wave of traffic that they aren’t yet getting.

Without decent amounts of traffic your website isn’t really doing all that much – regardless of what fantastic theme or design you may think you have.

and gain a more popular website bustling with loads of daily visitors**

Social Networks

The obvious method to get more visitors is to go to where everyone else on the internet is most of the time. That would probably be one of the many social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Creating social media accounts is probably one of the first things you will want to do, once that is done, create some appropriate groups/pages on them to start gathering Likes and Followers. This way whenever you have some new content, you have a large group of people to push it to that will love to take a look at all your effort you’ve put in and come streaming to your website.

Make sure to post to your social networks with new content as frequently as you are able to create new content, this will keep your website fresh and keep your ‘fan pages’/followers wondering what’s coming next.

There came a time when backlinking was what it was all about. Sites called ‘Link Farms’ appeared and where all focused around creating millions of links back and forth to convince search engines (hello Google!) that sites were popular (that’s one of the pieces of the search engine pie by the way).

Search engines started realising that their organic results were being messed with and decided to thwart this and ever since Link Farms have been considered a no-no (rather don’t do it).

It is still however, very important to have sites linking to you if you want to be considered ‘worthy to be shown’, therefore you need to go and create some.
Some of the most obvious methods include:

  • Commenting on other websites’ blog posts.
  • Adding your website to your signature to any forums you belong to.
  • Writing guest posts on other websites and linking back to your own website from your profile section.
  • Any other way you can create links in a non-spammy way that you can think of.


Oddly enough, taking out some adverts may seem to be such an obvious way of driving traffic that it is often forgotten as a technique at all.

If you have the budget to advertise online through Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, or anywhere else, it is a great way of driving steady amounts of traffic to exactly the pages you want to focus on.

Content Discovery Networks

Ever used Stumbleupon? It’s a fantastic way to get tons of traffic to your site, the only problem is that people don’t stick around for long because there’s so much else out there to see and anyone using Stumbleupon knows that.

Submitting your Sitemaps

Sitemaps are possibly one of the most important things you can have. They tell others (hello again Google) when there is new content or when something has been updated.

Adding these to Google Webmaster Tools is possibly the single most important thing you can do.

How to Monitor your Traffic?

Having a tool such as “Statvoo Analytics or Google Analytics” installed on your website is absolutely crucial when it comes to, well, having a website for starters. When it comes to tracking how much traffic you get, you really should install and start using your website analytics software of choice. We highly recommend Statvoo.com (It’s FREE!) 😉