1. Create a website / blog

There are numerous ways to make money when you create a website or blog. It’s really cheap and easy to do these days as well, with so many available options, some are even free. But how do you monetise your new online presence once you have created something?

There are a few obvious ways, which include:

  • Sell things on your website
  • Advertising on your website

These are probably the most common ways to make money online from home for almost free.

2. Create a mobile game

It is increasingly popular for individuals to release their own mobile apps and games. These types of apps or games no longer require a company or game studio to undertake a successful release. With tools such as Unity, you too can successfully create and release your mobile game to millions of potential customers.

Monetising mobile games is actually not that hard and can be done with one of the following options:

  • Let people who play your game buy additional features, or get higher scores easier
  • Show adverts in your game

Each of these options are easily doable with a little bit of coding expertise.

If you’re more of a planner or creative, you can always outsource your ideas to Fiverr or equivalent marketplace.

3. Sell things on Amazon

Buy products and resell them on Amazon for a profit!

Many individuals and businesses already do this and make quite a lot of money. You could too!

You can also earn the Amazon Prime badge on your products by letting Amazon store, pick, pack and ship your products for you. This means you don’t even need to store them yourself!

4. Sell your services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great way to make a lot of money.

What are you good at? Marketing, sales, web-design, SEO, writing perhaps? There’s a place for each of these skills and more.

It’s not that hard to compete and soon you can start earning. As long as you offer a task or package for $5, you can be listed. It’s also common for much more expensive services to be bolted on. So there’s really no limit to your earning potential.

5. Sell photos you take

I bet you have a camera attached to you phone! Everybody has the ability to be a photographer these days. Attached with the ability to upload photos you take to stock photo websites, you can start earning on mere photos you take with your phone.

Why don’t you share the pictures of the world around you with others and make some money out of them. You never know, perhaps one of your photos could be used in a very high paying marketing campaign and you even receive additional royalties.

6. Create a Youtube channel and train people

Youtube is so embedded in our lives that there is absolutely no reason for you to not capitalise on the vast amounts of advertising money being spent on the platform.

Create videos about the things you love or know very well and share them under your own channel. If others find them interesting, they will subscribe and you can start earning for each view you get on your videos.

7. Consulting

Much like the skilled services sold on Fiverr, you can also sell your skills on your own website, Facebook or other platform that you are prepared to market yourself.

The world is your oyster, start earning today!